About Mindful You

“That river has long been waiting and still keeps flowing, the Sun has been rising every morning and the Moon quietly sneaks in and casts its shadow in that river.”

I’m Vijay and you can call me Mitra, or friend.

My decision to create ‘MINDFUL YOU’ came from my own personal journey and introduction to meditation about 20 Years ago. Even though I had barely known life, I was ready to give up.

My journey reinvigorated me and gave me the insight to live happier with a healthy mental outlook. 
I progressed to become a qualified Meditation Teacher and started to share the real benefits of meditation with those that I encountered.

Mindful You stems from my accumulated knowledge and is part of my personal quest to teach the World to meditate in a simple and rewarding way.

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Your Mindfulness is Our Mission

Pause, Wait, Stop & Meet Life