Questions about Mindful You

Do you have questions about Mindful You and our online meditation resources?

We have a simple approach to meditation but sometimes you will still have questions. Here are some answers to common questions.

Mindful You App

Is the Mindful You App in the App Store?

Our App uses PWA technology to deliver an App experience without downloading a separate App. Members can add Mindful You to their phone’s homescreen and access it like other Apps.

Does it work on any phone?

Our App is deigned to work on the latest Android and Apple iPhone requirements.

How do I add the App to my Android Device?

On your mobile phone, browse to A ‘pop-up’ will appear with the message “Add Mindful You to your Homescreen”. Click the blue ‘Add’ button, and confirm this action by clicking ‘Add’ in the grey Android message window.

The App will be added to your phone and you can drag it to the location of your choice.

This short video gives a brief overview.

How do I add the App to my iPhone?

On your mobile phone, browse to

This short video gives a brief overview.

Help! I get an error message when I try to open a meditation!

The most likely cause of a page being unavailable or not displaying correctly is your Internet Browser cache.  The first time you visit any page on Mindful You, your computer, tablet or phone internet browser will download the various elements needed for the page, into a cache, and then displays the page you’re viewing. The elements stay in the cache so that they don’t need to be downloaded next time, making the website faster!

Sometimes, for a number of different reasons, the cache becomes corrupted and things don’t work as they should do. The way to repair this is to empty your browser cache, removing the incorrect or corrupt data stored.

All you need to do once your cache has been cleared, is log back in to Mindful You and the browser will download fresh copies of the pages that you view. This forces the browser to rebuild its cache from scratch and any cache-related issues should be fixed.

The main browsers (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox ) are all slightly different, they have different ways to clear their cache and these sometimes change. If you are unsure how to clear your browser we suggest you Google “how to clear browser cache [browser name]” or get in contact with us for more help.


What makes ‘Mindful You’ different from any other meditation platform and why should I pay?

The Mindful You journey is from Mitra’s own personal experiences teaching meditation. We provide key steps to follow and guide you to your desired goal.  Ours is a logical, effective way for you to enjoy meditation. We don’t just provide a library of meditations and leave you to it.

Is this a religious journey?

No, the ‘Mindful You’ journey is spiritual. Our journey will help you rediscover, re-wire and bring you closer to your existence.

Do I need to know anything before starting this Journey?

All you need is a desire. Everything else will be a beautiful self-discovery.

I don’t have time to meditate or a place to meditate?

You can download meditations to your mobile devices so you can listen where ever and as often as you want. ‘Mindful You’ also works on PC or Mac.


Is there a free trial period?

Our 7 day trial period gives you access to the initial steps of the ‘Mindful You Journey’. This free trial comes with unlimited access to the first parts of the journey. You can follow the initial steps before your commit to a full annual membership.

What is the refund policy?

We have created this space to bring meditation to you, not to make you feel stressed about your money. If you are not happy within the first 7 days of your membership, you don’t pay. It is important to understand the two pricing structures though.

Yearly membership is £36 which equates to £3 a month, you pay a one-time fee for each year. You can cancel anytime and you won’t pay for the upcoming years but your current year’s membership continues, and any money paid is not refundable.

You can also subscribe as a Gold Member and access the complete Journey, the total cost is £120, saving £24 (16.6%) equal to just £2.50 a month. We run special offers on our membership plans; we share details of these on our Social Media accounts so follow Mindful You for the latest information.  The refund on this subscription will depend on where you are on the journey and your personal circumstances, we will discuss any refunds with you.

What do I get included with my membership?

We provide practical ways to help you learn to enjoy life, meditations to help you sleep and help to tackle day to day stresses of life.

Each month members can access at least one new meditation along with several “mindful minutes”.

You can download, listen and practice whenever and wherever you want.

Do I have to listen and practice every day or at a specific time?

Not at all, you are free to use Mindful You whenever you need, just come back and listen/practice as you need to. Think of us like a safe, beautiful oasis of your own or visiting a friend who would never judge you, for a chat.

Are there timers and will I get alerts to meditate?

We will send you an email every month as new steps are added to your journey. But there is no time expectation placed on you. Each journey is very personal, you choose the time and the place when to take your steps. 

What happens after I complete my journey?

Over your journey, you will have built up a library of meditations which you have downloaded and you can re-visit them whenever you need them. We are developing our next level and our regular members newsletter will inform you of these in due course.

Technical Support

I didn't receive any emails when I signed up, why?

Sometimes your email app or program will block emails sent by Mindful You. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that 100% of our emails will make it to your Inbox, some of them will end up in Junk or Spam. Please check to see if the ‘missing’ emails are there before contacting us.

To prevent this issue you can add Mindful You as a Safe Sender and add us to your whitelist. If you don’t know how to do this, we can help you or this article ‘whitelist an email address’ is very helpful.

How do I update my account details?

Logged in members can edit their Profile here.

You can update your email address, name and password. You cannot change your username.

Why is my Account Locked

You have 5 attempts to login with the correct details. After the 5th failed login your account will be locked for 30 minutes.

To prevent this situation you can reset your password before 5 attempts on the Membership Login Page.

How do I change my password?

You can create a new password on your Profile Page.

You can also reset your password on the Membership Login Page.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Annual members can cancel their membership within the 7 day trial period by accessing their Paypal account and cancelling the payment to Mindful You. Please read these Paypal Instructions  for more details. Your membership will automatically end at the end of your 7 day trial.

Gold Members can cancel their membership within the 7 day trial period by clicking the ‘Request A Refund‘ button on their Welcome Page. This will create an email for you to send to our support team who will refund your payment within 5 working days and cancel your membership. The ‘Request A Refund’ button is only visible to logged in Gold Members within the trial period.

How do I download my meditations?

Each meditation and ‘Mindful Minute’ has a download link. Clicking on this will save a mp3 audio file to your device.

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