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Mental health is just as important as physical well-being and the world is starting to take notice!

Mindful Workday offers companies like yours a platform to make it easy to improve mental health, combat stress and have happier, healthier people in your workplace.

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What is Workday?

Workday is an online mindfulness platform designed to help companies introduce meditation in to the lives of their employees, in an efficient and cost effective way.

Unlike other apps we don’t overwhelm users with hundreds of meditations and exercises to browse through. Workday brings together specifically curated meditations and techniques, in a simple to use, accessible online platform, accessible from desktop, tablet and mobile phone.

Meditation within the workplace brings multiple benefits; reduces stress & frustration, boosts focus, energy & productivity as well as enhancing the compassion we hold within ourselves.

Workday gives your company an easy way to develop this compassion within your employees and deeply root it into your firm’s culture.

With greater compassion, individuals think of the ramifications of their actions and therefore make better decisions.


Bring Calm, Peace, Joy, Focus, Clarity and Purpose through guided meditation. We believe that meditation should be made accessible to everyone.
That’s why we built Mindful You – an easy-to-use, modern and powerful platform that will help you meditate better.

Mitra Vijay



Give your employees a gift they will appreciate day in and day out, a better work day!

Focus. Clarity. Ease. These are words that employees associate with feeling more relaxed and peaceful thanks to Mindful Workday. The concentrated focus and self-awareness skills practiced with Mindfulness Meditation can be put to use in the workplace to improve productivity and performance improvements.

The Time Is Right! The Business world is resetting, people are evaluating their work and personal life. Now is the time to commit to building mindfulness in to the fabric of your company; show your staff that you value their mental healthy and watch your business benefit.

Make Mental Health a top priority in your organisation for less than £2 per week per employee.


How Mindful Workday helps your employees and organisation.

Reduce Stress, Anxiety & Conflict, with self and others

Let our Meditations help you reflect rather than react when you encounter stress at work. Calm from anxiety will be just a click away!

Resilience, Motivation & Emotional Intelligence

Regular practice of our meditations will induce neuroplasticity phenomena to improve cognitive functions, helping you add value to self and to your work.

Focus, Creativity & Communication

Wherever we are in our professional journey, we all can do with some help to tackle the challenges brought by dynamic changes at work. Our mindfulness meditations can be that help to refocus and express better.

Compassion, Trust & Connection


My Mindful Workday;

Let’s make your company happier, healthier, and more productive.

“Meditation has many benefits and regular practice will positively enhance every aspect of your life. Let Mindful You help manage your stress, increase self-awareness, increase patience & tolerance, reduce negative emotions, increase creativity and live a happy fulfilling life.“

What Our Customers Say About Mindful You

“I am so pleased I decided to join this space & take more time to meditate. There is something for anytime of day or night from Mindful Minutes to the beautiful sleep meditations. So well thought out & beautifully delivered. Thank you Mitra”



“I’ve used other meditation apps previously and this is a really fresh and different approach. The various meditations have different themes and I like to rotate these to keep myself interested. Looking forward to continuing the journey!”



This is such an easy app to use and has become a staple for me.
I love that we get updates when new items are added ready for us to visit and enjoy. I am always left with a deep sense of relaxation and calm.



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Bring Meditation Into Your Workplace

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  • Less than £2 per week, per employee
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